Salesforce Managed Services

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Keep Your Salesforce Environment Fresh & Get The Most From Your Investment

Implementing Salesforce is only the first part of your journey to CRM success. Ensuring that your teams continue to find value in your system is dependent on keeping the system functional and up to date for all users. But finding true value in your Salesforce investment means leveraging all of the latest features in a way that best suites your needs and not having the support to scale as your business grows or as the capabilities of Salesforce expand proves challenging to many businesses. New workflows, approval processes, or even additional configuration are just a few things that must stay top of mind to keep the system and the data in it fresh.

Minlopro offers highly responsive, knowledgeable, and cost-effective assets that you can use with our managed services offering. We have highly certified Salesforce experts both locally and globally to help provide you with round the clock support and keep your business running smoothly.

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Continuous Salesforce Management

We make sure your Salesforce environment stays running the way you need it to. If a process or an integration breaks it can cause huge disruptions to your workers, but with our managed services we can remediate those issues as they arise.

Small Customizations

Sometimes you or your teams uncover small things that make sense to fix or enable in Salesforce. Not all of those items require a full project to implement, and fit perfectly in our Managed Services agreements.

Backed by Salesforce Experts

Sometimes a small-scale effort can escalate into something requiring a full process for deployment. Our Managed Services offerings are designed to scale as needed to make sure your organization is getting what it needs out of Salesforce.

World-Class Project Methodology

Here at Minlopro we take our Salesforce work extremely seriously; in fact, we believe so deeply in the power of Salesforce that our entire business operation is built on the Salesforce platform. We won’t show up to your project with a notepad and big dreams; we have a proven tool called PROTO Workspace that we leverage from start to finish to manage the execution and delivery of all of our projects.

PROTO Workspace is our custom-built delivery management tool used to track every element that matters in a project such as epics, sprints, and user stories. This tool enables us to not only work more efficiently and effectively as a team, but also allows our customers to immerse themselves in the project by providing direct access to:

  • Review and approve user stories
  • Understand the progress against each epic
  • Collaborate with our project teams in real time

What all this means is you get a project that delivers what you expect, at the time you expect, for the price you agreed to.