Streamlining Global Sales Processes: A Salesforce Customization Success Story

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies across various industries are turning to Salesforce to manage their sales processes efficiently. One such success story involves a vision care company that offers a diverse range of products, from disposable contact lenses to advanced surgical machines. They also sell and lease large equipment for which they provide financing as needed. With a vast product portfolio and a global presence, the company required a customized Salesforce solution to streamline their sales operations and handle the rules and regulations of multiple countries. Processes were manual and inefficient, wasting valuable resources. This blog explores the challenges faced during the project and the successful implementation of a Salesforce system that empowered their sales teams to make dynamic pricing decisions on the go.


Challenges Faced:


Product Diversity: Managing a wide range of products, from simple contact lenses to complex surgical equipment, presented a significant challenge. The Salesforce system needed to accommodate the diverse product catalog and provide a user-friendly interface to handle the complexities of each product category.


Varying Country Rules: Operating in multiple countries meant that the Salesforce system had to support different rules and regulations in regards to financing sold and leased equipment. Each country needed the ability to change things like interest rates, discounting approval rules, and lease terms without involving the IT team. 


Accessibility and User-Friendliness: The company’s sales teams often worked in hospitals and doctors’ offices, where they required immediate access to pricing, terms, and discounts. Therefore, the Salesforce customization needed to enable end users to update and modify pricing information quickly and easily, from a computer or tablet, without relying on IT or administrative support.


Customization Solutions:


Product Catalog Customization: The Salesforce system was tailored to accommodate the diverse range of products offered by the vision care company. Each product category was categorized logically, allowing sales representatives to locate and present the relevant products efficiently. Additionally, the customization included product images, descriptions, and specifications, enhancing the sales teams’ ability to present the products effectively.


Multi-Country Support: To address the challenge to allow different rules and requirements by country without involving IT, a data driven solution was put in place which allowed leaders in each country to make changes to the they were allowed to control for their country.


Dynamic Pricing and Discounting: Empowering the sales teams to modify pricing, terms, and discounts on the fly was a key requirement. The Salesforce customization allowed end users to make changes to pricing parameters within predetermined limits. This flexibility enabled the sales teams to respond to customer inquiries in real time, negotiate deals, and close sales efficiently, even when working in remote locations. They were immediately able to change purchasing or leasing options to give accurate financing quotes on the fly. 


Benefits and Results:


Improved Sales Efficiency: The customized Salesforce system significantly enhanced the sales teams’ productivity and efficiency. With a streamlined product catalog, real-time currency conversion, and on-the-fly pricing adjustments, the sales representatives could focus more on building customer relationships and closing deals, leading to improved sales performance.


Increased Sales Opportunities: The ability to adapt pricing and discounts according to customer needs and market conditions opened up new sales opportunities for the vision care company. The sales teams could tailor their offerings to meet specific customer requirements and respond quickly to competitor pricing strategies, resulting in increased revenue and market share.


Enhanced User Adoption: The user-friendly interface and the empowerment of end users to update pricing and terms led to higher user adoption rates. The sales teams embraced the customized Salesforce system as it provided them with the flexibility and autonomy they needed to excel in their roles, reducing dependency on IT or administrative support.




The successful completion of the Salesforce customization project for the vision care company showcased the power of tailored solutions in overcoming complex sales challenges. By customizing Salesforce to accommodate diverse product categories, multiple countries, and dynamic pricing, the company achieved improved sales efficiency, increased sales opportunities, and enhanced user adoption. The solution also provided greater visibility for the global leadership team into what was happening with all of their teams, giving them greater transparency and oversight to ensure proper policies and procedures were followed. The project serves as a testament to the value of Salesforce as a platform for streamlining global sales processes and empowering sales teams to achieve remarkable results, irrespective of their physical location.

Mireily Backus
Mireily Backus