Advanced Imaging: Building Personalized Relationships and Driving Growth with Salesforce


In today’s competitive business world, companies must ensure they have efficient sales and expense processes to drive growth and profitability.  They must also focus on building relationships with clients and potential customers to foster customer loyalty, increase revenue, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. This case study examines how Advanced Imaging implemented Salesforce to standardize sales processes and expense reporting, as well as creating a personalized experience through the mobile app that provides sales representatives with the tools and information they need to build stronger relationships with their customers.


Advanced Imaging realized the importance of a standardized sales process to enhance the overall efficiency of its operations. They created a structured sales process that included lead generation, lead qualification, needs analysis, proposal, negotiation, and closing. Each stage of the sales process had specific roles, responsibilities, and guidelines, which helped streamline the process and reduce errors.

Moreover, Advanced Imaging developed an onboarding program that provided a personalized experience for each new client. The program included customized training, personalized communication, and a dedicated account manager who served as a point of contact throughout the onboarding process. This approach helped establish a personal connection with clients, which increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Advanced Imaging developed a personalized experience that catered to individual needs. This by providing a dedicated account manager for each client who served as the primary point of contact for all their needs. Additionally, the company ensured that each account manager had a deep understanding of the client’s business objectives, challenges, and pain points, enabling them to provide customized solutions that addressed their specific needs.


To maximize the effectiveness of its sales and marketing strategies, Advanced Imaging implemented tracking and analyzing ROI. To achieve this, the company invested in analytics tools that tracked the performance of each campaign and provided detailed analytics on the ROI of each campaign. This approach enabled the company to identify which campaigns were most effective, enabling them to allocate resources more effectively and improve their overall performance.



Advanced Imaging made data-driven decision-making a core principle across all areas of its business. The company invested in analytics tools and trained its employees to use data to inform their decision-making processes. With these tools and training, employees were able to identify patterns and trends in their data, which enabled them to make better-informed decisions that were based on facts and figures rather than intuition or guesswork.


To enhance productivity, Advanced Imaging implemented a task management system that enabled employees to track their tasks and deadlines. This system also enabled managers to monitor employee progress and provide feedback when necessary. As a result, employees were able to prioritize their tasks, meet deadlines, and complete projects more efficiently. This approach increased productivity, reduced stress, and improved job satisfaction.


The personalized onboarding program and dedicated account managers enabled Advanced Imaging to develop deeper relationships with its clients. This approach resulted in increased customer loyalty, which led to repeat business and referrals. Additionally, the company’s focus on data-driven decision-making enabled it to identify areas where it could improve the customer experience, resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction.



Finally, Advanced Imaging implemented a mobile app that simplified the expense reporting process for employees. The app enabled employees to submit their expense reports quickly and easily.

In conclusion, Advanced Imaging was able to build stronger relationships with its clients, increase productivity, and make more informed decisions based on data. As a result, the company was able to achieve its goals of increasing revenue, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving growth and profitability. These lessons can serve as an inspiration to other businesses looking to optimize their operations and enhance their customer experiences.



Ashley Thompson
Ashley Thompson
Marketing Manager