Minlopro Partners Achieves Ridge Status

We are thrilled to announce that Minlopro Partners has achieved the Ridge level in the Salesforce Partner Program. This is a significant accomplishment that showcases our commitment to providing exceptional customer success, innovative solutions, impactful growth, and a lasting impact on our clients’ businesses.

Moving up from the Base level to the Ridge level is no small feat. We have worked tirelessly to meet and exceed the expectations of Salesforce, our clients, and our own high standards. 

Our team has devoted countless hours to ensure that our clients receive the best possible solutions and support for their Salesforce needs. We are proud of the work we have done and are excited to continue to deliver outstanding results for our clients.


Our ascent to the Ridge level would not have been possible without our amazing clients. We are grateful for the trust and confidence that you have placed in us, and we promise to continue to work tirelessly to exceed your expectations. We understand that your business goals are always evolving, and we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by providing innovative solutions and services that drive your business forward.

Achieving the Ridge level is an important milestone for us, but it is just the beginning of our journey. We will continue to push ourselves to be better, to innovate, to grow, and to have an impact on the world around us. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the Salesforce ecosystem and delivering excellence in everything we do.

Once again, thank you to our clients for their support and trust. We are excited to continue working with you and helping you achieve your business goals.

Mort Sayyed
Mort Sayyed
I have been in the Salesforce ecosystem in various roles across implementation, sales, and leadership for 16 years. I love the flexibility and speed-to-value of the platform.